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An Explosion of Action!

It’s as if Icarus was the cue I was looking for.Suddenly, I can’t stop knitting, can’t keep my hands still, and can’t stop reaching for the yarn. I would love to show you pictures of everything I have, but unfortunately, someone, I’m not going to say who, forget to get batteries for her camera. So, you will have to use your imaginations and the handy dandy links I give you instead.

I did however, have a stroke of genius and when I finished my Mini Diamonds socks this morning, have my boyfriend take a picture with his camera (he never forgets to buy batteries), and I must say, I’m quite pleased!


If I had been thinking the night before when I was packing my things for his place, I would have brought the first sock and worn them both, but alas I only brought the bag with the sock in progress and the notions needed to complete it. If I had bee thinking further, I would have had him take a picture of my second sock in progress, a plain Jane sock pattern, but knit from Cherry Tree Hill semi-solid in Fuchsia. It’s a gorgeous variegation between rich ruby-toned pinks and a soft baby one, and this yarn is such a pleasure to work with too. The first sock has breezed by, and the second probably will too.

I’ve also purchased yarn for a hat, mittens, and scarf set I’m going to make for my soon-to-be-step daughter for Christmas. I chose Patons Classic Wool because it’s cheap and cheerful. Lilac will be the main color in the set, with a deeper royal purple for the trimming. I’m hoping she will like the purple better than pink because I don’t think I could stomach bubble gum pink for the whole set.

I find myself also thinking about finishing that sweater I started last summer. Remember this?

It’s been living in my stash basket for probably a year now, and I really would like to see it finished, and on my body. I’m knitting it in Knit Picks Gloss fingering weight, in Sage Green, which is more of a deep turquoise in my opinion. I have knit the back piece, and it only needs the two fronts, the sleeves, and the collar. I guess that doesn’t really count as “only,” does it? “Most” is a much better word.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I’m going to be doing a pair of socks for Sock Down in September for Sock Knitter Anonymous group on Ravelry too? The theme for this month is designer Wendy Johnson, and I’ve chosen Riding on the Metro socks. I will be using a nice variegated green yarn my mother gave me, Candenza 80% superwash and 20% Tussah Silk yarn in a color charmingly named “Number 960.” I’m going to affectionately call it “Sweet Grass” instead. The colors aren’t so varied that the pattern will get lost in the changes, but it’s also completely flat.

And oh yes! The last piece of good news before I end this ridiculously long post. My boyfriend and I have found a place to move into, and will be doing so throughout September. On October 1st, we will take possession of my Aunt and Uncle’s HUGE basement suite, and they are allowing us to move things in early in order to make the process easier. His daughter will have her own room now (a huge bonus for us), and we will have TONS of space. But, as excited as I am about this, there is one major draw back for this knitting household… I will no longer have free access to my mother’s umbrella swift and ball winder! I will be spending the next couple of days winding all my skeins into balls and packing them in bags for transport and storage. I’m hoping a certain someone has enough sense to put a ball winder under the tree for me at this year’s Christmas, but I will not count on it. I will have to remember each time I make a yarn purchase to take the shops up on their offer of winding it for free before I leave!

Now! Enough of this babbling, and onto more knitting! 



I can’t believe I am telling this to you people…but Icarus is FINALLY, after a year and a half from it’s original cast on date near the beginnings of this humble knitting blog, FINISHED!

And I’m not talking just off the needles awaiting blocking, I mean completely, 100% completed. Don’t believe me?


Notice something else? My hair is gone! This is what I looked like first time I cast on Precious…one and a half years ago!


And this is what I look like today:


My hair is shorter than it was when I got married in 2005, and in a way, I feel I’ve come full circle because of it. I started knitting Icarus in 2008 I think because I needed hope, and a complicated, difficult, delicate, webby shawl seemed like just the challenge I needed to give it back to me. I think I felt like if I could conquer something like that, I could conquer the challenges in my marriage. It wasn’t until I made a major mistake and was unable to pick it back that I realized that it wasn’t just my knitting that had to come apart.

When I got back to Canada my mother and I assessed the damage and diagnosed Icarus as dead, and it was ripped back, rewound, and retired with the pattern to a bag in my stash basket. And at the beginning of this year I felt that I had overcome most of the challenges in my life and I picked it back up and began again. Just like my life post-divorce, Icarus had a few stumbling blocks, and my mother helped me through those knitted mistakes just like she did my life ones. And I like to think the result is the same as my life, complicated, intricate, but a thing of wonder when you really look at it.

On July 31st, I finally completed the two final tasks that I knew had to be done before I could truly call my life complete; I quite my job at the auto parts store to take a position as a Pharmacy Technician, and I cut my hair off. I have no regrets over either, quite the opposite in fact. I love my job, I finally after years of struggle, love my hair, and ultimately I love my life. I still have many great things to come, and I will enjoy them with fabulous hair and a beautiful shawl now!