Most other blog writers might take a moment to apologize for not writing more, and in truth, I felt compelled to start off that way, but then I realized that I’m the writer, and I determine when there is actually something to be said. For the most part, on the knitting front, there really hasn’t been anything interesting going on.

My personal life, however, has been buzzing like a beehive beside a flowery meadow. There have been constant comings and goings, and I have at times felt fairly overwhelmed. Without getting into details, I will tell you that a person who I had no wish to ever contact again came back into my life in a very unfortunate way, and I have had to take legal measures to ensure that they are out of my life for good, and suffer some consequences for their actions. I am safe, I am well, and most importantly, I am happy.

The whole reason that I am so grounded right now, is my boyfriend, Neil. Just before the whole calamity happened, Neil came into my life, and he has been a constant source of support, love, and happiness for me. When my life has gotten difficult, he has been there for me, and during times most men would have turned, tucked tail, and ran, he has stood by me, and been literally my shoulder to cry on, and the reason why I am smiling so damned much these days.


And probably one of the best reasons of why I love him so much, is that he is interested in knitting. Not like to learn how, but interested in what I do. The other night he sat with me watching tv, and he kept looking at what I was doing, and asking questions. I doubt that he’ll ever pick up yarn and needles, but to see that he wants to know what I’m doing, that just makes my heart skip a beat!

But I mustn’t forget to show you my other method of therapy. When Neil has been at work, or unable to be around, I have picked up pretty much only one project, my Mock Wave Cable Socks by Ann Budd. I have knit them in Oceanwind Knits merino sock yarn, color wave Splash. For me, there is nothing more therapeutic than water and waves, and blue is one of my favorite colors. These socks have been a treat to knit, and the yarn is now one of my favorites to work with. It is smooth and soft, but not too soft, and it is very easy to work with, not sticking to itself, or splitting often.


These are my new favorite socks, I’m wearing them right now! I feel a little weight off my shoulders now that these are done, like I’ve knit my stresses away. I think I’ll be picking Icarus up again, now that my brain feels a little more clear.

Disneyland is just around the corner though, and I believe I will only have time or space to pack a couple of small projects to bring with me on the trip. I’m thinking 2 socks, one pair to be made out of self-striping yarn, and the other with a simple pattern, like my Waves socks, and out of something plain, or slightly variegated. I think I need to go stash-diving! Will update soon!