I think every knitter has those days when she looks at her current projects and goes "Whoa. I have way too many UFO’s here." and gets the wide eyes and feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do. Tonight, I was looking at my new yarn (which I’ll show you further into the post), and going "I can’t wait to start on it! I just have to clear a couple…projects…hmmm." And you know that scene from Aladdin where Genie starts counting the fingers for the rules of what a Genie can do, and he keeps growing finger after finger? That’s what I felt like I when went over my UFO’s in my mind. Currently, I have:

1. Tree Pose yoga mat bag, which only needs the top finished, and the i-cord for the tie and handle. I can devote some time to the top for an hour or so, and then whip out the i-cord during my tv time this week.

2. Twisted Tulip socks, I’m part way through the gusset on the first one. These are complicated socks though, and they need my full attention, which is why I think they’ve fallen to the wayside with all the stuff going on in my personal life right now.

3. Travelling Fern scarf. Well, I’m a little bit upset about this one. I had joined in my second ball, and a few rows in, the ends got tangled with the working yarn and knotted around it. I tried very, very hard to make sure I didn’t cut the working yarn, but of course, I did. I put it away until I could calm down enough to go and find the next color streak the same in the variagation. I think I can pick it back up now.

4. Icarus. I got up to the end of the repeats for the body, only to find I had to work a number of rows more before I could move onto the next chart, and got mad at myself for not reading the directions. I think it’s time I got over it and picked it back up.

5. New England socks. These are still hibernating due to my discovery that I would not be able to finish out a full diamond pattern repeat across the top of the foot with out a) cutting it off mind pattern to do the toe or b) having to work the toe decreases and continue the pattern, but not have it end all pretty like in the picture. I was mad when I discovered this, but I think I’m sufficiently over it now that once I’m done Twisted Tulip, I’ll finish them.

6. Auburn Camp Shirt. Well, this project has only one piece completed, the back. And I’m really confused as to why I even put it down in the first place. I really liked the pattern, the weight of the yarn, the needles, everything. I think now the only reason I haven’t picked it back up is because it’s been so long. Maybe finishing some of these smaller UFO’s will get me motivated enough to pick it up.

7. A pair of plain fingerless gloves for a coworker. I wanted to put this commissionary piece off for a bit, but I know that if I didn’t accept it now and do it, I wouldn’t get the money for it. I am even using yarn I got for free and was kind of dreading finding a use for too, so now I have an excuse to use it! They will be in a navy blue Knit Picks Gloss fingering weight yarn. I’m using the same yarn for Auburn Camp in Sage Green, but this blue just didn’t quite do it for me. Maybe it’s because it’s the same shade of blue that covers 90% of the surfaces at my work. Heh. I am going to cast them on tomorrow and get them started. These are very quick knits, and if I’m devoted, I can finish them before my shift on Friday morning.

I think for the next couple of days, it’s UFO’s for me! Dragging them each out, one by one to work on the, even if for just a bit. Progress is progress after all!

Now, for the new yarn, which I think a lot of you are dying to see. I ordered from Oceanwind Knits, my mom used to work with the lovely lady who dyes these yarns, and I have a small shawl-scarf knit out of Rainforest in fingering weight, and I love it. So, I bought 2 skeins of her Merino sock yarn:


And also a skein of lace weight, since Travelling Fern and Icarus have really wet my appetite for lace weight:


All I know is I want to make socks with the fingering weight, and some sort of shawl with the lace weight. I thought about a scar for Splash first, but then reconsidered for socks. I’m not sure yet, I can’t decide! I’m sure I’ll figure it out by the time I get some UFO’s out of the way though! Well, I’m off, I’m going to wind the yarn for the gloves tonight and get the pattern out. Aren’t I a good girl?