…that I could post a picture of Icarus, which is now 343 stitches large, but it would be very, very boring since you’ve already seen what this section of the shawl looks like. Just imagine that previous picture bigger.

…that I had more time to knit.

…that I could take a good picture of myself to show off my new glasses. This picture will have to wait until I can get someone to point and shoot. And for my zits on my chin to go away.

…that when friends say they’re going to make time for you one night to visit and catch up, that they actually go through with their plan.

…that I had more time to knit. And for more yarn (but in order to get more yarn, I must still have gainful employment. Which means 40 hours less a week to knit. I can already see how this is going to be a problem. Maybe I need a sugar daddy….)

Well, you know what they say about wishes and fishes……off to knit!