So yeah, it was weird to put my ornaments up on my family’s tree a couple weeks ago, but what wasn’t weird, was the actual day. It was like all the awkwardness disappeared, and I felt at home again. It was good to wake up in my bed in this house, in my new Christmas Eve pj’s and make a cup of tea, sit down in the living room and open up my stocking. It was good to pull out the hand knit socks and matching keychain Mom had made me, and put them beside my mandarin orange and bag of chocolate coins.

It felt natural to be taking turns opening gifts, and I was thrilled watching my siblings and parents open the gifts I had gotten them. Everyone was so generous to each other, it was great to see the family love, to hear the good natured teasing, and to watch eyes pop open when something especially good was unwrapped.

For my knitting haul, I got a pair of sock blockers, a pair of hand knit socks (Lorna’s Laces yarn too!), and a skein of Fleece Artist sock yarn that is going to become a small shawl. My grandmother gifted me the Knit Mittens! book (of which I have no idea who I’ll end up knitting these things for…I don’t know anyone who wears them…), and giftcards were also a plenty.

Watching my mom open up her shawl gave me chills.


I knit her the Forest Canopy Shawl out of Smooshy in Dusky Aurora. Thank the snow for being an excellent backdrop. I used just one skein, and I knit it on 4.5 mm needles.


For a second ever shawl, I think it’s pretty damned good. Oh yes, and you couldn’t pry those socks off dad’s feet yesterday either:


And that has to be one of the best pictures I’ve even gotten of him. Chelsea got the Panda Silk socks and loved them, and I also gave her a pair of Knit Picks colored wooden knitting needles, for when she finally gets her butt over here to learn how (not that I’m hinting or anything….).

Ramond will be arriving sometime this afternoon and will receive his Earl Grey Socks then, and yes, he will be subjected to an obligatory picture.

But the best gift of all was from my parents. It’s the gift of family time together. People, in May we are going together to Disneyland! We’ve wanted to go together for eons, and I just can’t wait! It renews all my feelings about being so happy that I’m safe here, and not back in the States. When we figured it out, I started crying because I was so happy that I was here to share it with them.

So, you know that that means…I’m going to need a couple knitted items to take with me there… maybe I’ll pack my Twisted Tulip socks?


I’m on the gusset of the first… what about my Travelling Fern scarf? It’s so delicate and lacey…it would be perfect. Well, either way, if I’m going to have them ready, I had better get busy.

Right after I get back from the Boxing Day shopping….

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope your season was a happy and safe one.