From time to time I worry about the young generation, and how they are going to take care of the world. However, when I met my new cousin Lauren last night, my faith in young people was fully restored.


And I think my mother started getting a hankering for babies too.


And Lauren’s grandmother, my Aunt Alison, couldn’t be happier.


Proud parents, my cousin Matthew and his new wife Jackie (Jacquie? I don’t know…) are the luckiest people on earth. Lauren has survived a surgery to repair valves on her heart, and she has the sweetest disposition I have ever seen in a one year old child. They are even talking about moving out to the mainland to be close to family, which means I will have a baby cousin nearby to spoil! She will soon be big enough to wear the baby sweater I gave her, which also just happens to be the first sweater I ever made. I hope that by her wearing my first sweater, she may get a hankering to knit when she’s a little older….hehehe.

I finally finished my Dad’s socks as well, and I call them his "casual dress socks." Dad goes out a lot during the winter, meeting with customers and clients, product reps, and his fellow management staff, so he often dresses up for lunches and outings. Something I have always hated is how thin and cold dress socks are, so I made him a pair that are dark enough to be worn with his dress shoes, but out of wool, so they will be warm too. They are plain knit as well, so he can even wear them in his sneakers or steel toes too. No pictures, they’re just grey socks afterall. However, I did start the last project on my Christmas knitting list today.


Earl Grey Socks, designed by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (the Yarn Harlot), and I’m using Cascade Heritage sock yarn, black. There was no real explanation for the design of the cables on the site that I could see, but I think the thin, mock cables look like thin tendrils of steam rising out of a cup of earl grey tea. I love that cozy idea, and I hope my friend Ramond likes it too, because they are going to be his in just a couple of short months.

Speaking of tea, I was curled up nice and warm in one of the arm chairs this morning, knitting on the socks, when Mom called me into the kitchen. We were so happy, because this guy is back:


Every summer, the herons abandon the field that you can see in the background, but when things cool down and get wet again, the herons come back and patrol the fields looking for food. They often stop on top of our clothesline pole, like you see here, for a better view. There is just no way to possible show you the size of this bird, the picture doesn’t do it justice. But they are huge, immense, and some of the most graceful flyers I’ve ever seen too. They are large enough, that when they stand like you see above in that field, we can see their outlines fairly clearly from the window.

The heron returning means that it’s almost officially winter again, not too long before we’ll start to see the first attempts of snow (which will quickly be thwarted by warming up and melting it all into slush, then freezing overnight and making road conditions perilous beyond belief), and who knows, maybe we’ll even have a white Christmas?