First off, I’m telling you about the no progress part of things, since it’s small and then hopefully will be forgotten when I show all the real progress.

I have not finished the second of my father’s socks. It’s ready to move onto the heel flap, and I just haven’t sat down to do it yet. I will soon, I promise, but I’ve been more interested in other things. Other things like these:


The Tiger Eye Scarf, it is knit out of fingering weight yarn, so I knit a few rows here and there, and it’s zipping along. I’m not trying to rush it or anything, it’ll be finished when I decide it will be. Same thing with this:


The Travelling Fern Scarf. It is knit out of lace weight Kid Merino however, and is not so zippy. It takes my time and patience and concentration, so I only knit it when I have day light and the willingness for it. It is so hard to photograph the frailness of it though. It is so webby and delicate, and I can’t possibly express it in a photograph at night time in my bedroom with hardly any light. When it is finished, however, I will be certain to spend some real quality time attempting to capture it’s beauty.

The Tree Pose Yoga Mat bag is coming along rather quickly though.


It is 2/3 of the way done (see, those are little yogis doing Tree Pose. In cables. I love it!), and the first 2 repeats, well, they flew along. Now, I know it’s getting into the grudge work of repeat knitting. Little repeats, like my two scarves, those are great, because it’s small, repetitive, and simple to work on over time. This bag however, I can’t just zip out a row or two, it takes time to sit down and knit it, and I’m starting to get tired of it. I love this project to death, don’t get me wrong, but when these little dudes are done, I will be happy.

And finally, I need to find a pair of socks to knit out of this stuff:


It’s the Cascade Heritage sock yarn, and its in the color way "Raspberry." Mom gave it to me, when it came in the mail and was totally not the color she thought she was going to get. I happily accepted it however. I will never let good yarn go astray. Any suggestions? I want something either lacy, or with cables. This will definitely be an after Christmas holidays project though, I have too many things on the go right now!