Now, normally, I would put little rants like the one you’re going to read today on my other blog, however, since what inspired the events that happened today are focused on what I’m knitting, well, I decided to move it here. This blog is almost always about knitting, and well, that’s just not the whole story of my life. Believe it or not, I also have a job, social life, and *gasp!* other hobbies. One of those hobbies, is yoga.

I’ve been practicing yoga for probably about 5 years, on and off. I got into it when I wanted to increase my flexibility and balance for the other sport I was doing at the time, which was medieval fencing. When I decided to stop associating with the group I was practicing fencing with however, the yoga stuck, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Lately however, I’ve been neglecting my practice, and it felt like time to jump back in.

Yoga and knitting, I realize, have very little in common, despite all those people who call knitting the new yoga (and I want to choke the people who say that everytime I hear it), but they can be compared for the purposes of this rant. Cabling and Lace knitting are both knitting, just different types, and for the most part, I find lace knitting way more challenging than cabling, which is why I probably have more lace projects on the go than cabling. But knitting they both are, they just two completely different outcomes. The same is with yoga, there are many different types, and all with different outcomes. Two different types of yoga are taught at my local leisure center, Ashtanga and Hatha, and Hatha is what I’ve been practicing for years. It is more challenging (because as my family can tell you, I love me a challenge), and I find that all that time I spend in the poses, pushing myself, helps me to work out the issues in other areas of my life.

This morning, I set off for the only Hatha Yoga class taught at the center, and I was ready to hit the matt running (so to speak), and get my frustrations worked out. Let me set the scene. I walked into the classroom, set up my matt, and joined the rest of the people in sitting on a block, facing the mirror, we’re all relatively well dressed, we look presentable, and all of us are in pretty good shape. Most of the women have makeup on, and are polished. These are experienced yogis, and they contort themselves in ways that makes a person flinch if they haven’t done yoga themselves. The instructor who normally teaches the class, she looks just like them too, and has about as many more years of experience on us as well.

So, in walks the teacher from the Ashtanaga yoga class, a short, stubby, frail looking older woman who is stopped over somewhat, and she is wearing very faded old tapered-leg yoga pants and a striped tshirt that has definitely seen better days. She launches into preaching about Ashtanga yoga and the "8 limbs" and stuff, and then proceeds to treat us all like delicate little first-time yogis. Every person in that room flinched when she walked in, because they’ve all taken her class at least once, and have all demonstrated their preference for the other yoga class by attending it exclusively. Even though we appreciated that the class wasn’t challenged by our favorite teacher’s unfortunate case of the flu, I can tell that I wasn’t alone in feeling a little invaded.

There were a few times when she was leading us through the gentler versions of the poses that some of us attempted to move into the fuller expression. For instance, I was bent over in Forward Fold, and my left leg was extended behind me in the beginner version of Half Moon. I started to move my weight onto my right hand and bring my left arm up, when I was promptly scolded back down. She seemed to read my mind about why I couldn’t move into it, and she claimed that I would be discouraging the other students by showing off my "experience." I’d like to point out that the woman behind me (who had a difficult time stifling a giggle when I was told that) is a certified yoga instructor, and has been for years. She can probably twist into ways I’ve never even dreamed of yet, but I digress. We were all frustrated at the end of the class, and the lot of us scattered like mice being chased by a cat when the class ended.

So, when I arrived home, I used my frustration to propel me to cast on this project:


It’s the Tree Pose Yoga Bag from Inspired Cable Knits (boy, that’s a lot of capitals!), and it’s knit in Knit Picks Shine Sport on 3.25mm needles. I love watching how the cables slowly form themselves into people doing Tree Pose (and the full extension of the pose too, I might add), and I imagine how nice it will look around my baby blue yoga matt when I bring it with me to classes. It’s also a nice break from all the lace knitting, these lovely cables. Should work up rather quickly, it’s knit on straight needles, and it moves pretty quickly along.