Oh yeah! Roadtrip! Well, not yet. But in February! Roadtrip!

And in case you’re wondering why I’m detailing about a roadtrip on a knitting blog, well, check that month again, and see if you can guess. Come on, use those brain cells…think…why would a knitter talk about going on a roadtrip in February? Guessed it yet?

It’s Madrona Fiber Arts Festival, that’s why! (www.madronafiberarts.com)

Mom and I are going to be hitting the road February 12th, 2009, and we won’t be back in town until the afternoon of February 15. There are classes that I am dying to take (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s "Freeranging", Jean Wong’s "Fine Finishing", and Cat Bordhi’s sock class). I told Mom a few juicy details about it over the course of a couple of hours, told her about the instructors, the fact that we could stay in the hotel of the event, it would be tons of fun for the two of us, etc, but I finally found the last tidbit that I knew would cement our going. Nancy Bush is teaching a class on Estonian Lace knitting. Mom caved.

Christmas present ideas have now become money for Madrona, money for Madrona, and money for Madrona. The cost of the hotel, gas, and food are going to make things a little pricey, but the real concern on our mind of course, is the cost of all the yarn we’re going to buy. But we’ll be in the country for 48 hours people, which means that we’ll be able to bring back a shipload, and the border guards can’t say squat! (!!!!!!)

And in further, much less exciting news, I’ve started two lace scarves:


This is Tiger Eye Scarf in Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, and it was as a gift from Mom. She started it and fell totally out of love for it, so it was adopted happily by me. And yes, I’m knitting on the Knit Picks options wooden needles, and I have to say, I’ve fallen IN love with them. I just might have to get me a set….(but probably after Madrona, because the stash multiplying possibilities are totally making me pinch my pennies). I also got very angry with the pattern that I intended my Kid Merino victory yarn for. The charts were not well written, neither were the instructions, which quite frankly, needed to be much more concise. Plus, that crochet cast on was murder, Mom ended up having to do it for me, and she struggled with it too, very awkward. That’s ok though, because we went onto Ravelry and found a fine replacement.


Meet the Travelling Fern lace scarf, and please, do not think that that is all that has been knit on this scarf now, it’s like 6 or 7 repeats longer now, I’m just too lazy to take another picture at 7:50am (which reminds me, I have to leave for work soon, blech).

Also, my Knit Picks Shine Sport came in the mail yesterday, 8 balls in "Hydrangea" (which is my favorite flower). It’s going to be made into the Tree Pose yoga matt bag from Inspired Cable Knits (you’ll have to google it yourself, I’m leaving in like 5), and I’m going to cast it on the second I get home from work tonight (blast this need for "gainful employment!!").

And yes, I’m still right on track with the Christmas knititng. Still working on Dad’s sock, but I’m about halfway done the leg now, it’s plugging along while I read blogs and such. Can’t wait to have it done though, and out of the way! Well, work calling, must go. I must earn much monies for Madrona!