The lace bug, that is. Shoalwater has barely been off the needles, and I’m already itching to start something new that’s lacy. I still want to do Icarus really, really badly, but I feel like switching to lace weight and taking on a full shawl might be a bit much of a challenge, even for me (and boy, do I love me a challenge!), but I think a scarf is perfectly reasonable.

Enter in Victory Yarn! Remember that gorgeous Kid Merino I bought to celebrate my divorce victory while I was in the States back in August? No? Well, let me refresh your memory:


The color way is called "Tulips" and I’ll be knitting the French Trellis border scarf from Victorian Lace Today, I don’t think I could be more excited. I’ve photocopied the pattern from the book so I don’t break the spine or spend time trying to squint at the heavy book on my lap. I can put the pattern safely in a sleeve, and hold it as close to my eyes as I need to when the chart reading gets tough. I went onto Ravelry and looked up the pattern too, and I found this one.

Blocked out, I think this scarf is going to be really, really beautiful. It’s got some neat things for me to learn too, there’s lots of steps, and I get to learn crochet cast on (if it’s different from Provisional), and there is turning and interesting ways of constructing it. I shall definitely be reporting my progress during this one!

And in Christmas knitting news, one pair of socks for a friend has been completed, I have finished one of the two pairs of socks for my father, the second one is a few inches down the leg, the top secret project for my mother is off the needles, and will be blocked at some point soon. I have the yarn for the socks for the friend from the States, and I’m thinking about adding one more project, but we shall see. Also, I have finally chosen the pattern for the socks for USA friend, lookie lookie!

Earl Grey Socks. I am an AVID earl grey tea drinker, and this friend knows it. The yarn is black (upon his request), so I had to do something that required some brain power, especially since the other man I’m making socks for, well his are plain, and gray. It gets to you after awhile, you know? Earl Grey will have some meaning to them, but still meet his color and "pretty plain, please" requests. At least, they better!

I can’t believe how much I’m just trucking along with the Christmas stuff! I really wouldn’t be surprised if I’m finished before I even see December!