For those long-term followers of this humble blog (heh, if I have any other than my mother), you may remember the first incarnation of "Precious," or Icarus Shawl designed by Miriam Felton from the beginning of this year. The aforementioned shawl was brought to the last Canvas Works, Olympia WA knit night that I attended, where I made a very large mistake on it, stopped, brought it home, tried to tink back, and in fact made things much, much worse.

Though all the turmoil of January when I left my ex, and February when I was trying to clean up the mess, pick up the pieces of my life (yadda yadda yadda…), it sat there in my clear plastic tub, waiting for me to have the heart (and guts) to drag it back out again and finish it. Well, in late February it was indeed dragged out, and announced after a couple hours worth of inspection and tinking on my mother’s part that it was not savable, and was frogged, rewound, and promptly packed away into my yarn basket to think about what it did.

Now, these long-term followers of the blog will probably also be aware that I’m Canadian, and was transplanted to the United States when I got married to well, we won’t mention his name or any unfortunately reincarnations that we may have come up with since I left. What can I say? I’m feeling nice (and I don’t want a law suit). Anywhoo! Back to my point! There are so many yummy yarns to try that are made right here in Canada, and one in particular has been at the top of my list since day one. Oh yes my Canadian friends, you are probably already reading my mind. Fleece Artist.

I have held Fleece Artist, almost spent part of my rent money on Fleece Artist, even seen how beautiful it is knitted up (and let me tell you, when you live with another knitter, and they are knitting Fleece Artist while you are not, and you don’t have any of your own, the urge to steal it from them and knit your own project is very hard to resist, but my willpower is better than I expected), and yet, I have never owned any Fleece Artist of my own.

Until now.


Enter Fleece Artist Sea Wool, fingering weight, in the Seashore colorway. This is a VERY good representation of the colors on my monitor, I hope it is on yours too. The second I held it in my hand, all thoughts of socks went out the window. Enter, shawl.


My Fleece Artist on the swift.


My Fleece Artist wound.


My Fleece Artist wound, with the shawl pattern, Shoalwater Shawl, Fiber Trends, designed by Evelyn A. Clarke.


If I hadn’t had to leave the house today to cash my pay cheque and go grocery shopping, I probably would have knitted double this. As it is, I had to use a lot of restraint not to work on into the dusk hours of the day. The colors cannot be truly appreciated at dark, so I making myself knit it only during the day, when I can really see it. I am so in love with the name of the yarn, how it goes with the name of the shawl, and the way it is knitting up. It really does look like waves from the sea, blending all the colors of the sand, water, and life that is in it. Shoalwater Shawl is my new Precious. Old Precious will probably be cast on again as soon as current Precious is off the needles and on the blocking wires, but I shawl continue to neglect Old Precious until New Precious has been thoroughly enjoyed.

(I probably sounded like a true knitting skank there for a minute, but hey, who the hell cares?)