Well, here on the knitting blog, I could tell you why I am angry and upset and kind of depressed today, especially since knitting and knitters is what got me upset, but I will not. I will however, direct you to my other blog in case you want to read about it.

I am quickly approaching my blogversary, the end of next month to be exact, and I find myself talking about the same subject right now that started the whole thing, Christmas knitting.


Pictured here are socks for two different people, and I will not say who. Neither one of them reads this blog to the best of my knowledge, but I’m not going to test the fates either. I may have accidentally found out one of my own presents today (sorry Mom….I should have kept my eyes forward in the yarn shop), and I hate that, so I will not mention names at all. The brown sock is Panda Silk, and it is heaven to knit with. A close up for those interested:


This picture does nothing to show off the sheen and beauty of its stitches, or let you know how soft and smooth it is, and how it just slips through your fingers like ultra soft grains of sand, so just stop drooling over the picture and go buy some. You will not be disappointed.


I also bought yarn (duh!). The black is Cascade sock yarn, and is going to a friend of mine from the States, who shall also be nameless. The dusty rose-ish yarn, however, is mine, all mine! It is a beautiful, soft chunky weight intended for this project:

Sunflower Tam

What I find amusing is that the first link I clicked on after googling "Sunflower Tam" is that the knitter chose the same color as me. 😛 Heh. Anyways, off to be grumpy alone and knitting Christmas knitting for people who I hope will be grateful Christmas morning.