It’s official, the Christmas knitting here at Chez Wooly has begun, and it’s October 7. I really have it together this year! On the needles for gifts are a pair of socks for a girlfriend who shall not be named (because she occasionally reads my other blog), and a pair of socks for my father, out of a gorgeous charcoal gray Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Plans for other gifts include something for my mother (again, she reads this, I’m not saying diddly squat), and a pair of socks for a friend from Washington.

There may be other plans that sprout up as we get closer and closer to Christmas (not to worry you, but it’s only 78 knitting days away…), as its pretty normal for us knitters to be generous with our time and wool, but I’m hoping that I can stick relatively well to this plan.

We’ll see just how long it takes before the list starts multiplying faster than rabbits in springtime though, hehe. That feeling of being ahead of schedule is probably going to be pretty short lived too, I’m worried that if I celebrate it too much it may come back to haunt me in a way that I will regret. I shall therefore, keep the gloating to a minimum, shut up, and go back to working on the alpaca socks.