Who knew how much could be accomplished in just two short days?

I set off this weekend to just drag out some UFO’s and get started on cleaning up my queue (basically this was so I wouldn’t feel guilty when I decided to start another project), and I actually managed to clean 3 of the 5 from my list.

Belle Wrap from Knitting Little Luxuries got its buttons today, and helped to keep me warm as I went out into the chilly (but sunny) autumn day to get a fresh apple from our tree.


The actual knitting part of the project was finished Saturday night last week, and I finally blocked it yesterday morning. It’s just a touch damp in a couple places, but it didn’t bother me for picture purposes. The buttons I found at Wal-Mart for a deliciously cheap price! Taking the buttons OFF the card however, was a joke. They are joined to the card with metal rings, which I had to get off with pliers.

Second to be completed were my Leaf Lace Socks. I got past all the fiddly bits on the heel yesterday, intending to slowly knit them the rest of the week while I chatted with Mom, read blogs, etc. However, after I completed the wrap, and was reading the blog, I got it out to knit on, and the next thing I knew, I was ready to begin the toe! I’ve heard of black hole knitting, but I have never heard of knitting so fast you can’t believe it. I mean, one moment I’ve got a measley half-done foot, the next I’m looking at 7 inches of foot, completed!


And of course, Flower Basket shawl met it’s untimely demise yesterday and had to be not only abandoned, but destroyed, in order to protect the rest of my stash (which I double checked this morning, and nothing has been ruined, thankfully because of my foresight to pack most of my yarn in Ziploc bags when I packed to leave my husband in January). Celtic Tote will be dutifully worked on this week, and hopefully will be ready for felting by this weekend. I’ve already found two new projects to begin from my queue in Ravelry.

Surplice Bodice Camisole from Knitting Lingerie Style

And Tree Pose Yoga Bag, of which I couldn’t find a picture to link for you guys! Sorry! But the pictures of what it will look like, all finished on the blog will be well worth waiting for I think!

I’m using Knit Picks yarn for both these projects, Cotlin for the cami, and Shine Sport for the yoga bag. Each of these is only $2.49 a ball, which can’t be beat! For the two projects, before taxes and shipping, my total will be a measely $32.50! Hello, bargain! And Mom will be ordering some things too, so between us, our shipping cost will be next to nothing, and well, can’t escape taxes unfortunately!

So say another prayer for Flower Basket, but do not mourn it too long, I have some new projects to get busy with!