First off, the good news! I, the West Coast (today, the Wet Coast…) Knit Wit, have brought out all my UFO’s, and either completed them, or taken steps to. Whatever is not being blocked, is racing towards completion! Completed, are Belle Wrap and Mistake Rib. Belle Wrap is being blocked, I only have to find buttons for it. Pictures when dry, and wearable. Mistake Rib, pattern from Crazy Aunt Purl, and made in Noro Silk Garden, is a dream!


Nearing completion are the long-on-the-needles Leaf Lace Socks, from the Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock Book, knit in TOFUtsies.


Celtic Tote is completely knit, save for the handles and button flap, and I’m half way through the embroidery, one side is complete. I’m hoping that with some effort, it can be in the washing machine this week, felting.


Now, for the last piece of good news. Knitters everywhere, take your seats. Knitting burns 102 calories per hour, based on a 150 pound woman, reports Health Magazine, October 2008 issue! Hell yeah! So this finally answers the age old knitting question, "If I knit fast enough, will it count as exercise?" Yes, it will!!!

Alas, one of my UFO’s has met an unfortunate demise. Now, before I break the horrifying news to you, you may want to sit back down after all that cheering. You may already have surmised what I’m about to tell you, and yes, it is ok to have butterflies in your stomach, or a lump in your throat. My lace shawl, Flower Basket, has been the victim of our dreaded enemy, the Moth.

After finishing all the fiddly bits with my Leaf Lace Socks, I dug out my dear Flower Basket shawl, that I was knitting out of a beautiful variegated merino lace weight, and knowing that I only had to pick out a few stitches before I could continue knitting, I diligently sat down to the task. Tinking completed, I knitted on, and at the center stitch, made a horrifying discovery. There was a HOLE in my shawl! At first, I wondered if the shawl had caught on a loop on my coil bound notebook I was tracking the rows on, and then stopped, and looked again. No, it couldn’t be, there were too many ends, they were too crisp and thin to be just torn on something. And upon further investigation, my mother and I found a few more holes and weak spots. Those filthy little insects had been feasting on my masterpiece like fat kids on Kit Kats.

I almost cried, almost screamed, and almost choked my mother when she started to say "Well, look on the bright side…it’s one less UFO…" But there was no fighting it, I had to abandon the project and (gulp), the yarn. Flower Basket came off the needles, and the yarn went into a grocery bag, which I twisted tightly to seal, and into the garbage can in the garage. I’m still furious, I swear the next moth I see is going to be carefully caught, and then tortured until it begs for life (ok, maybe not, but come on…why the LACE???).

Ok, breath. Think of the calorie burning potential I can do tonight. Think of puppies, kittens, rainbows, and chocolate. Just don’t think about Flower Basket. And if you do, say a little prayer for her, won’t you?

But I guess the good news is that Icarus is now queued up again…