Oh yes, the knitting bug has definitely bit me since the divorce was over. I think the combination of paperwork, pure terror, and sheer laziness to continue doing something that requires thinking outside of the required amount at work and dealing with said paperwork made me just plain old too tired for knitting.

But now, the knitting bug is back! And I’ve started with the Sorbet Socks that I’m making out of some of my Victory yarn:


Don’t you just love how this sock looks all artistic-like when photographed with my keyboard and the afternoon sun shining through my horizontal blinds? Oh yes, the classiest of pictures indeed. But I love these socks. They are the colors that I have had yet to truely introduce into my sock color scheme. So far, most of mine have been blue, green, and variations on those two colors, sometimes, with a couple of odd ones mixed in. But these, no, they are bright, they are pink, orange, dark red, and the color of ripe summer berries and melons, mangos, and they remind me of rainbow sherbet. Mmmm…sherbet. They just epitomize summer to me, they look like they would taste and smell like summer if you tried.

But umm, don’t please. So, they have been named the Summer Sorbet Socks. And yes, I will be heading out after dinner for some sherbet. Because I’m totally craving it now.

Summer has been rough for me this year. Summers were often rough for me growing up, I didn’t have a lot of friends, and so I often spent my days making trips to the library, exchanging books for new books, then holing myself up in my room to read the glorious books and sip lemonade or cranberry juice. My summers were often lonely, and this one wasn’t really an exception, I spent it as far away from people as I could get without becoming an official hermit, but these socks actually made me want to go back out into the world. I took them with me to Starbucks and work, and believe me, for me, that’s progress. Maybe these socks will go out for a drink at a pub, or to a restaurant, or a friend’s house to watch a movie.

It is my belief that your knitting reflects who you are and where you are in life. For instance, a lot of my knitting at the beginning of this blog was geared towards my family, and it wasn’t just because it was Christmas time either. My mindset at the time was focused on my family, taking care of them, and I wanted nothing better than to wrap them all up in wool and silk and cashmere and alpaca and keep them warm and close forever. Then, when I left, I felt empty, and the only thing I could crank out was a few pairs of socks, some dishclothes, and the back of a sweater. And now, that I’m motivated to begin life again, I’ve broken out socks in fantastic bright colors, I’ve begun my Celtic Tote again, and I’m beginning to have an insatiable urge to felt something (so I better hurry up and knit the Celtic Tote, or it’s going to be replaced by a hat or something). My knitting has changed right along with my life, and as reflected my many moods and phases. Knitting has even HELPED me to change. These socks ARE the reason I knit in Starbucks, I wanted to show off these bright, beautiful colors.

And you thought it was all about knits, purls, scarves and sweaters.