In fact, life has been such a whirlwind lately, that I’ve barely anything to speak of…it’s a little shameful to be admitting in a knitting blog, I know, but facts are facts. I’ve unravelled the Erica Alexander cabled sock, as I got very frustrated with it. I’ve started one from the Vogue Sock Book, and I’m using my yellow Tofuties to make it, the pattern is called Leaf Lace Socks, by Susan Lawerence.

I’ve also finished the back of Auburn Camp Shirt, a couple of rows of the Celtic Tote from Winter 2007 Interweave, and I’ve made 3 washclothes for myself, out of a yarn I had never tried before, Hempathy.

This, unfortunately, is the only image I have at present, but as I’ve felt the urge to knit growing steadily once more (even devoted knitters need a break once in a while, afterall), I’m sure my blog posts will soon be filled with pictures and stories galore.