I’ve had a lot on my knitting plate recently, thanks to my mother giving me a bad case of Startitis. Yes, that’s right, I caught the bug, and the only thing I could was to give into it… My symptoms consisted of leafing through every Interweave and Vogue we had in the house, combing through pattern books, and scouring the internet’s free pattern database for projects that peaked my interest. The result? Not a lot accomplished, and a lot of projects laying around…

First up, is the baby hat that I finished. The sweater was made a long time ago, Baby Caftan I think was the name of the pattern, but the recipient never picked it up. Thus, it goes to a coworker who will be having a baby boy soon. I made the hat to go with it, and found out that 22 years ago, my mother knit me the same hat! Isn’t that funny how things work? Listen to this though…it will blow your minds away. I didn’t have any ribbon for the hat, so….I broke down, and I learned how to crochet…I fought with almost every stitch, the crocheted rope is all kinked in places, and it probably is an insult to crochet itself, but I learned enough of it to make that stupid cord. Never again people, never again.

Next up, is the progress report on my New England sock. I need four diamonds to move onto the heel flap, and as you can see, I’m partway through my third. The pattern is great, I love knitting it, and the yarn is still making me happy and giddy inside!
But my pride and joy, the project that makes me most happy, is this. Auburn Camp Shirt, designed by Chrissy Gardiner. Oh. My. God. I love it! From the use of fingering weight yarn to make a texture that is unbelievable, to the knitted hem at the bottom. The shaping is simple, but well thought out, and the color…oh..the color! Is it possible to be in love with an object? Cause I think I’ve fallen, hard and fast!

In other news, I’ve also joined Ravelry. My username (surprise) is wcknitwit. Feel free to look me up, add me as a friend, etc. I have really enjoyed the project section, and the queue…this way, I don’t forget what projects I really want to tackle in the future! My newest book obsession by the way? Knitting Lingerie Style…omg, I’ve got like 4 patterns from there lined up!