Well, even though we’ve had some sunny days this last week, more often than not it’s been cloudy and gray. Yesterday and today has given us a cold, misty rain that hides the mountains and makes everything feel depressing and dreary. So, I guess it’s no surprise that when shopping for yarn, I went directly to the bright and colorful. I’ve made some progress on my projects. Peacock sock #1 is almost finished, I’m working on the toe right now, and is perfect while carried around in that KnitPickers travel case. The rest of my projects? Well, why not take a look?

From left: I cast on a colorful skinny scarf lengthwise using Cascade Yarns, Nikki. There is no colorway title for it, and I can’t really think of a good one myself. It’s 100% wool, but is super, super soft, and was a pleasure to knit with. The thickness changed often, and every stitch was so pretty…I love it. I think I’m going to buy more in a different colorway and knit another scarf. Next up, is the New England sock, a Nancy Bush pattern. Coming along nicely, huh?
And what’s that last project? Oh the piece de la resistance is all… *gets all warm and fuzzy inside and calls for a drum roll*

That’s right…my first cardigan. And it’s out of sock yarn. And I got to knit a cute little hem and a slit down the side for it. Oh my goodness it’s so pretty! I’m using Knit Picks Gloss in Woodland Sage, and yes, I will be unravelling that stocking I knit out of it so I can make the sweater. =P It’s so much fun to knit this sweater, I got my gauge perfect on my first swatch, who can beat that? I’ve completely fallen in love with Chrissy Gardiner designs too, apparently, because I purchased a ball of Tofuties sock yarn in a beautiful yellow and yellow-orange variagated yarn to knit her Tulip socks design as well. I can’t wait to cast those on, but I’m going to finish my New England socks first…only one patterned pair at a time, lol.
And now, I shall leave you with two pictures, one is the colorful scarf, completed, and the second is my treat to myself, a new spring jacket which I *love.* (and probably paid too much for….lol)