Cause I know that you were just gripping your seats, riveted to see what I was working on…./end sarcasm.

The first work in progress, is the New England Sock, as featured in Knitting on the Road, designed by Nancy Bush. This sock has also been featured on, so if you think the name sounds familiar, it is.
This sock is a pleasure to knit on, very “historical” in feel, lots of lacey bits, and columns, and my favorite, a diamond shape going across the top of the leg. It’s so much fun to knit, and I love the yarn as well. I’m using is Phildar Preface in “Bourgogne” which I’m assuming is Turkish for Burgandy. Either way, it’s nice to work with, textured, and just the right shade for my project.

My next work in progress is another plain knitted sock, this time in Knit Picks Essential, Peacock. It’s gorgeous, is it not? I can’t wait for the pair to be done so I can photograph them with an actual peacock feather (note to self: acquire peacock feather).
Essential has to be one of my favorite Knit Picks yarns to work with. It’s durable, sock, machine washable (thank GODS), and the colors are always so vibrant and rich, and eye catching. My only complaint about some of the yarns is the way they NAME them. I mean, come on, Atmosphere? Those blue socks looked nothing like the atmosphere. I think the company needs to hire someone to name the yarns better, lol.

Enough of my rant about the names of the yarns though. I have to share with you the coolest thing ever. Really, the coolest thing ever. This trumps all those cool “go-knit” pouches and bags you’ve seen advertised. And the place I found it? The most unlikely place of course, Micheals Craft store. Ready for it? It’s too cool!!!

Isn’t that the coolest thing ever? It’s a go-knit pouch, made of sturdy clear vinyl (that means the sides and bottom are liquid-proof, knitters), the top is a sturdy canvas that closes with an adjustable elastic. No more balls of yarn flying out of your bag when the yarn tangles a bit. And the piece de la resitance? See that climber’s hook on the side? Oh yeah baby. Clip it to your purse, your belt loop, anything, and you can literally have your knitting ON you wherever you go. No extra bag or strings to worry about, it clips. I love the inventors, I really, really do. I also want to get this from them:

What you cannot see in that picture, is that the straps are big and sturdy, they fit nicely on your shoulder, but they won’t dig like most purses will after awhile, the straps are nice and cushiony. There is no closure on the inside of the bag, no zipper, velcro, snaps, or anything for yarn to catch on. It also stands up nicely on the floor, has sturdy canvas pockets on the insde, and is built to be PERFECT for knitters on the go. You could hold several small projects in there, or one big one, like a sweater. And for those who prefer something a little less large, they have this version too:

This one does zip up, but there are more pockets too, both on the outside, as you can see, which close with a magnetic snap, and a few smaller pockets inside. I’m probabably the company’s biggest unpaid advocate right now, but I don’t care. Seriously, when something this good comes along, how can you not be excited?

Something I want to get that is not on the website, but is part of the set, is one of those things you might have seen at a yarn shop called a “yarn barn.” You may be used to seeing them as large clear plastic containers that come apart in the middle, and have a hole in the top that you feed your yarn through. Well, it’s a similar idea, but made to accomodate knitters on the go. It zips up the side instead, is made of clear plastic vinyl and leather (hello spilled-coffee proof), and has a nifty handle on the side, so you can carry it, or hook it to something else. I love it! I am going to be investing in the large purse, and the yarn carrier soon…I want to get them while they’re still there, and in the fabric that matches the go knit pouch. They are just too cool!

And oh yes, I have a super-secret project on the go right now. I’m knitting it on my Christmas needles from Laura (who if she’s reading this is especially not allowed to know what is being knit), and they are working great. Especially with this yarn, which has a tendancy to not want to slide over plastic needles. Thanks again Laura, they’re working out GREAT! 😀