So as you can probably tell from my last post, life has not exactly been a picnic for me as of late. If you’ve never been through a divorce or seperation before, there are just simply no words to describe the lonliness and emptiness that can accompany such a feeling of freedom and exhilaration. There are so many ups and downs, an emotional rollercoaster only begins to describe how I’ve been feeling. But the one thing I need to do, is keep busy. Working full time is a blessing and curse. I get money, independence, but no time. I have managed to do some knitting though…quite a bit in fact, given how much time work and getting to work takes from me. Want to see?

First up is a simple “just knit” pair of socks I made with Knit Picks Felici yarn in “Atmosphere.” But let me tell you, ever since I read the name of the yarn, it’s bugged me. It just doesn’t fit. It doesn’t look like the atmosphere. And I did a weather and atmosphere project for my grade 8 science fair. Trust me, they look like no “atmosphere” I’ve ever seen.

But I was sitting and knitting on them and put them beside the tea cup pictured, and it clicked.

They look like the colors of ocean waves. Like in some exotic place….the Bahamas maybe? See what it says on that cup? That’s right. It’s from the Bahamas.

I love them…simple, quick to make (I worked two at a time, one on their own set of needles, one came with me while I worked on one at home until the first was finished, then I worked on it).

Please note that while these socks look comfy and cozy and tropical, it was not the case outside on the deck in the sunshine when we took these pictures. If you look close, you can see the goose bumps on my legs. See the lenghts I go to for you people?
And okay, these Embossed Leaves Socks, designed by Mona Schmidt and knit in Knit Picks Essential, Terrain Twist, were technically knit first, but I wanted to talk about the Bahama socks first, seeing as how I just finished them yesterday. =P
I love the Embossed Leaves though, so much. And the toe was so cool to work, I want to use it more often, it flatters my foot better (at least, I think so). I love the yarn too, the colors look a bit muted in this picture, but you can still see how the brown and green twisted together were perfect for this “natural” looking sock. Such a dream to wear too, the fit is beautiful, they don’t slip, and the twisted rib on the leg sets off the leaves better.
So, so happy with them…I could dance. (But I won’t).
Okay, I might have done a little dance when they were finished. But you didn’t hear that.
Want to see the two new socks I’m working on? Tune in tomorrow for “Projects in Progress.” Same bat time, same bat channel.