So in case you’ve noticed, there have been some changes to my blog, and that’s because there have been some changes to my life. I will not go into major details, but I will give you the low down on what’s been happening as of late.

Last week on Wednesday, my parents (my mother is Knits’n Purls) came down to where I was living in Washington, I had decided to get a divorce from my husband and move back up to Canada and start over. In short, we made some very unsettling discoveries, and had to take care of a few things that have left me feeling rather betrayed and deceived. I arrived back in Canada last Friday.

I have already secured a job, and I start on Monday, working as a full time cashier at an auto parts store. You’ll notice there are no pictures here of my knitting. I have taken some, really, I have, because knitting has been a welcome escape when things get stressful, but my camera does not like the front USB ports on my mother’s computer. I will, however, figure out this thing and upload my knitting projects up for you to see.

So, new look. I will also be getting a hair cut shortly, I need a new look, a change, a way to seperate old Jessica’s life from new Jessica’s. New name. West Coast Knit Wit, Washington is done. Same Knit Wit.

It feels so good to be home.